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Vocalodie is an emerging vocal ensemble that passionately explores a cappella music. The young singers inspire their audience with works spanning from the Renaissance to modern music, as well as innovative concert experiences. Vocalodie, comprised of Jacqueline Haman, Maria Zehetgruber, Alexandra Ranner, Gerwin Reder, Markus Schiendorfer, Patrick Jasiczek and Felix Knaller, is based in Vienna and is highly motivated for upcoming exciting projects.

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Founded in the autumn of 2017 within the Musikgymnasium Wien, the ensemble has seen some changes in its lineup, but the fundamental concept of exploring all ranges of vocal music has remained as continuum. 

Over the years, they have organized summer concerts, Christmas concerts, and were invited as guest artists on AIDA cruises. They have also collaborated with international companies for team-building workshops and faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by launching their online project, “Summertime Madness.” This allowed them to perform at various events and festivals, even under social distancing conditions, spreading the joy of music.

The group places great importance on inviting their audience to holistic musical experiences and constantly expanding their own horizons. One of their recent projects included an extensive Christmas tour throughout Austria in 2022. 

With the development of new innovative programs and the premiere of “Abendbilder,” the ensemble ushered in a new era in 2023 and looks forward to more concerts, including those near you.

Jacqueline Haman


Jacqueline grew up in Vienna, but her roots are in Slovakia. It was there that she discovered her enthusiasm for music, dance, acting and singing through folk music. She had her first singing and dancing performance at the age of five. This was followed by numerous trips and performances with several dance groups and clubs in various dance styles.

At the same time, she began her singing career in several Viennese choirs, (self-founded) ensembles and solo singing lessons with Monika Mosser.
Jacqueline completed her school education at the Musikgymnasium Wien, majoring in piano. She then studied singing at the Bratislava Conservatory with Lilija Larina.

After dropping out of her studies, she devoted herself to holistic singing with Susanne Amberg Schneeweiß and more alternative forms of singing, such as overtone singing with Wolfgang Saus.
Three of her many favorite composers are Franz Schubert, Francis Poulenc and W. A. Mozart.

Maria Zehetgruber


Maria comes from Lower Austria, where her interest in music began with instrumental lessons on the flute. Later she attended the musical branch at Melk Abbey Grammar School and learned to play the piano there.

Maria’s great passion is and always has been choral singing. Since primary school until today she has always been part of a choir. Today she sings in 4-5 choirs, including Landesjugendchor NÖ, Coro Siamo and the Vienna Singakademie. In addition, Maria constantly takes part in all kinds of music and choir projects, for example the Austrian National Youth Choir, Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 9” in the Vienna Konzerthaus or the musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in the Ronacher Theatre.

Maria loves to sing traditional pieces from different nations, but also especially pieces from the Romantic and Classical periods. She is particularly enthusiastic about the composers Francis Poulenc, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy & Eric Whitacre.

Alexandra Ranner


Alex was born in Upper Austria, but lives in Vienna since the beginning of her studies. She has been enthusiastic about the arts since she was a child, which was encouraged through lessons in music, acting and dance.

Through the musical branch of the BRG Hamerling in Linz, she found her love for choral singing. This results in participation in various choirs, including those under the direction of Alexander Koller, Benjamin Lack, Oliver Stech and Florian Maierl. In addition, she expands her vocal skills in different styles of music through lessons in classical music and musicals.

Through project work such as the Austrian National Youth Choir or at the International Summer Academy for Theater Graz, she always receives new artistic input, which she can bring to the rehearsals of Vocalodie. Her musical preferences can be described as diverse, so you can find works from Jonathan Larson to Heinrich Schütz to Claudio Monteverdi.

Gerwin Reder


Gerwin lives in Lower Austria and often seeks out the mountains as a source of relaxation and inspiration. His sunny, dreamy music room and the music school in his hometown have offered him artistic development opportunities since early childhood, first via the violin, then later with singing, acting and some world instruments.

In the music high school in Vienna he develops the enthusiasm for vocal music, in particular solo ensemble and early music. Susanne Amberg Schneeweis and Johannes Geppert constantly accompany his vocal training and master classes with Emma Kirkby, Voces8 and Johannes Prinz, among others, continually broaden his musical horizons.

He is currently studying vocal pedagogy and music education as well as inclusive pedagogy in Vienna and is looking forward to performing regularly with Vocalodie, Momentum Vocal Music and the Company of Music.

Markus Schiendorfer


Born in Bad Ischl, Markus skilfully balances his life between his place of study in Vienna and his “favourite places” in the Salzkammergut. After secondary school, he was drawn to the music high school in Linz, where he not only developed instrumental music, but also discovered and explored his love for vocal and choral music.

Numerous projects and concerts as well as trips bring him together with exciting personalities, well-known conductors and extraordinary musicians at home and abroad. In the field of vocal music he can fall back on experiences with Wolfgang Mayerhofer, Stefan Kaltenböck, Katharina Wincor, Markus Poschner and others, from which he knows how to bring a lot into the work of Vocalodie.

Markus’ musical roots lie in the inner Salzkammergut, from where he loves to try out all genres and musical possibilities. His current favorites are to lose himself in Richard Strauss operas, Miles Davis records and the wonderful vocal music of William Byrd.

Patrick Jasiczek


Patrick was born and raised in Vienna, starting violin lessons at the age of five at the music school in Döbling. At the age of 13, Patrick transferred to the music high school in Vienna, where he discovered his passion for choral singing.

After graduating from the Matura, Patrick took up the violin and devoted himself completely to his vocal training at the Conservatory for Church Music in Vienna. When Patrick joined Vocalodie in 2019, he sang with the group at Christmas concerts in Vienna and the surrounding area, among others.

Furthermore, his affinity for computers lends itself well, so Patrick has taken over the editing of the videos. Patrick’s favourite pieces include works by Heinrich Schütz and Eric Whitacre.

Felix Knaller


As befits a “true Carinthian”, Felix has been singing and making music for as long as he can remember. As a singer, he gained a lot of experience early on in a wide variety of settings, from large choirs to solo ensembles. Concert and competition trips have taken him to Stuttgart, Krakow and Tokyo.

He has been able to express his enthusiasm for singing especially recently in small ensembles or as a soloist and at the same time in his studies of vocal pedagogy. In several productions of the Neue Oper Wien (Vienna, Bregenz, Bolzano) and also as a soloist, for example in Der Auszug aus Ägypten (UA), he has also made the stages scenically insecure.

In addition, his heart beats especially for the organ, which has accompanied him since he was 8 years old. He is currently studying not only vocal pedagogy but also organ instrumental pedagogy.

Barbara Wenk


Barbara comes from Lower Austria, where she discovered choral singing at an early age. She sang in the chamber choir Salto Vocale Perchtoldsdorf, the chamber choir of the BG/BRG Perchtoldsdorf and the Landesjugendchor Niederösterreich, among others.

Barbara studied education at the University of Vienna, but soon discovered her passion for choir management. So she manages the Landesjugendchor Niederösterreich, the Jugendsingwoche Wieselburg, the Vokalfestival Totzenbach, the Company of Music and from September 2022 to June 2023 she was choir manager of the selection choir of the Chorverband Österreich at the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Ronacher – Vienna.

Barbara is currently studying cultural management at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and enjoys working with many choirs ans vocal ensembles.

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