We are Vocalodie

Vocalodie is an emerging vocal ensemble that passionately explores a cappella music. The young singers inspire their audience with works spanning from the Renaissance to modern music, as well as innovative concert experiences.

Vocalodie, comprised of Jacqueline Haman, Maria Zehetgruber, Alexandra Ranner, Gerwin Reder, Markus Schiendorfer, Patrick Jasiczek, and Felix Knaller, is based in Vienna and is highly motivated for upcoming exciting projects.

Upcoming Concerts

With Winterweise, Vocalodie traces the path of a sonorous snowy journey, leaving it to the music to find its very own words. Cozy folk tunes and the icy sounds of different eras make it possible to experience a musical winter adventure.

With composers like Byrd, P√§rt as well as L’Estrange Vocalodie will perform in churces possibly near you.

Upcoming projects