We are pleased to present the following programs, as well as, upon request, additional literature for you!


Sinnesreich – a touching and inclusive sonic experience

Premiere: September 2024

With the multifaceted program Sinnesreich, Vocalodie creates a novel and innovative concert experience. The vocal ensemble transcends the prevailing boundaries of classical concerts and, together with the audience, explores the fundamental elements of vocal music. In doing so, it utilizes the intimate possibilities of a darkened space to allow a harmonious and inclusive fusion of stage, audience, and singers to take shape.

By incorporating selected works by Bach, Schubert, and Shaw, as well as the vibrant palette of jazz and reimagined sonic landscapes, Vocalodie redefines the concept of a concert. In a unifying manner, the ensemble celebrates both the space and the people, whilst artfully leading into a new realm of sensory perception.


Abendbilder – a musical journey through the splendor of twilight’s colors

Premiere: June 2023

With Abendbilder the vocal ensemble Vocalodie sets the various moods of nightfall. The program includes evening and nocturnal songs that lead from the rosy sunset into the stillness of the night, creating an atmosphere for relaxation.

Spanning across epochs, they combine works ranging from Bach to Reger, including jazz standards and new compositions by young Austrian composers, thus painting a starry night sky over the audience. The ensemble masterfully handles this challenging program with rhythmic precision and musical agility. Vocalodie invites the audience on an evening journey and paints colorful sonic images into the darkness of the night.


Smile – a cheerful rendezvous in the diverse world of entertainment music

Premiere: Spring 2025

In keeping with the motto Smile, Vocalodie artistically sketches a cheerful journey into the diverse world of entertainment music, with one single goal in mind: to ensure that nobody leaves without a joyful smile on their face.

The vocal ensemble skillfully juggles between an ornate love story, humorous slapstick, and a parodic journey through time, presenting music in its most entertaining form. The program spans from charming chansons and songs by the Wise Guys to the nostalgic Comedian Harmonists and the world-renowned King’s Singers. The charismatic group impresses with lively, finely-tuned arrangements in their own unique style.

Somewhere between your living room couch, a karaoke bar, a dance hall, and a television stage, Vocalodie invites you to a delightful rendezvous, keeping your laughter muscles busy throughout the entire concert. But don’t worry, even if your eyes well up with tears, you’ll enjoy it!


Winterweise – a melodiously snow covered journey through musical landscapes

Premiere: December 2023

During the cold season, the warmest stories always come to mind. In the same spirit, the vocal ensemble Vocalodie, with its program Winterweise, charts the course of a melodious journey and entrusts the music with finding its own words. Together with the audience, the vocal ensemble immerses itself in the sparkling world of Beamish and Holst, dancing cheerfully to the music of Walton and the King’s Singers through enchanting winter wonderlands.

While works by Byrd and Pärt evoke icy gusts of wind and the seriousness of the dark months, the warm sounds of familiar folk music paint a cozy picture of a crackling fireplace. Just as traditional folk tunes have the power to bring stories to life, Vocalodie also invites its audience to embark on a musical winter adventure and watch the occasional snowflake find its way down on thick blankets of gleaming whiteness.