Curriculum Vitae

Vocalodie is an emerging vocal ensemble that passionately explores a cappella music. The young singers inspire their audience with works spanning from the Renaissance to modern music, as well as innovative concert experiences. Vocalodie, comprised of Jacqueline Haman, Maria Zehetgruber, Alexandra Ranner, Gerwin Reder, Markus Schiendorfer, Patrick Jasiczek and Felix Knaller, is based in Vienna and is highly motivated for upcoming exciting projects.

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Founded in the autumn of 2017 within the Musikgymnasium Wien, the ensemble has seen some changes in its lineup, but the fundamental concept of exploring all ranges of vocal music has remained as continuum. 

Over the years, they have organized summer concerts, Christmas concerts, and were invited as guest artists on AIDA cruises. They have also collaborated with international companies for team-building workshops and faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by launching their online project, “Summertime Madness.” This allowed them to perform at various events and festivals, even under social distancing conditions, spreading the joy of music.

The group places great importance on inviting their audience to holistic musical experiences and constantly expanding their own horizons. One of their recent projects included an extensive Christmas tour throughout Austria in 2022. 

With the development of new innovative programs and the premiere of “Abendbilder,” the ensemble ushered in a new era in 2023 and looks forward to more concerts, including those near you.


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