Curriculum Vitae

Vocalodie is an up-and-coming vocal ensemble that is passionate about a cappella music. The ensemble delights its audiences with a wide range of genres and styles from the Renaissance to the modern era, as well as with innovative and inclusive concert experiences. The singers always strive for musical authenticity and professionalism, as well as a holistic approach to their work. Vocalodie, consisting of Clara Hamberger, Maria Zehetgruber, Alexandra Ranner, Sophia Loos, Gerwin Reder, Markus Schiendorfer, Patrick Jasiczek and Felix Knaller, is based in Vienna and is highly motivated for upcoming, exciting projects.

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The ensemble was founded in 2017 during the sixth form at the Musikgymnasium Wien. From the very beginning, there was a desire to try out all directions of vocal music. At the same time, the ensemble not only experimented on a musical level, but also laid an innovative foundation for working together; from the very first moment, a strong community orientation and the principles of grassroots democratic decisions and actions were established.

In the following years, Vocalodie performed summer concerts, Christmas concerts and was invited as a guest ensemble on AIDA cruises. The ensemble cooperated with international companies for team-building workshops and defied the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by launching its online project Summertime Madness. The group performed at various events and festivals and was able to spread the joy of making music together during social distancing. The following years were characterized by extensive Christmas tours through Austria, inspiring musical collaborations, workshops at Voces8, among others, and the constant (further) development of new concepts and working methods.

Vocalodie pursues the goal of inviting its audience to holistic musical experiences and at the same time constantly expanding its own horizons. The ensemble attaches great importance to equal communication during rehearsals, giving the individual singers the space to express themselves freely in their musical creativity. This results in lively and varied development processes that characterize the broad repertoire and performance of Vocalodie. In this way, the group comes together to form a collective unit that is characterized by human authenticity and a rich ensemble sound.

The ensemble is looking forward to making music in your area soon and immersing yourself in a shared sound experience.


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